Pasar Payang


Central Market or more commonly known as Pasar Payang by the locals is no less than an interesting place to visit. Its strategic location just by the Terengganu river near Chinatown and Syahbandar jetty makes it one of the main tourist attraction, not only for shopping but also to have a taste of life in KT.

You can practically find anything at this double storey market that sells almost all kind of goods, ranging from poultry to sea products, cooking utensils to bed sheet! You name it, they have it.
The lower level of this double storey building is a wet market. You can find vegetables, fruits, fresh seafood or preserved sea products such as ikan bilis in all sizes, salted fish, dried cuttlefish and even turtle eggs :O They even have local delicacies like kuih muih, serunding and keropok lekor near the entrance. Not to forget, dried keropok or crackers made from fish and prawns that are yet to be fried.

The upper level sells mostly souvenirs, accessories, clothing, batik, rattan weaving products, wood cravings and songket.